Real Estate Disputes

Whenever companies work together on construction or development projects, or when families have real estate that they must care for, disputes are going to happen. When you face a real estate dispute, no matter how large or small it may be, you need the help of an experienced Silverdale real estate attorney who understands the complexities of these laws and how they affect you. The Law Firm of J. Michael Liebert, PLLC, offers a comprehensive list of real estate law services, helping you end your dispute and move forward with your real estate goals.

Types of Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes can take many different forms. This type of legal case refers to any dispute that involves land, a home, a condo, an apartment or another type of real estate. These disputes may be between neighbors, between tenants and property owners, between creditors or mortgage lenders, between owners and government agencies and between commercial entities and property owners. Attorney Mike Liebert has helped his clients in cases involving most of these entities.

The types of disputes can include everything from disputes over mortgages and foreclosures to questions or questions about zoning or even concerns about inheritance. No matter what type you have, you can trust the Law Firm of J. Michael Liebert, PLLC, to provide the services and legal advice you need to protect your rights and your property.

Attorney Mike Liebert – Experienced Legal Counsel Since 1978

Attorney Mike Liebert has been offering Real Estate legal services since 1978. He brings a level of maturity and knowledge to each case that younger lawyers simply cannot offer. Because he has seen and worked with just about any type of property dispute, he is able to help you understand your situation, find a resolution that protects your rights and interests and move forward with your plans for the property.

With a thorough understanding of the laws surrounding real estate in Washington and a knowledge of the companies and government agencies in Silverdale specifically, Attorney J. Michael Liebert is the Pierce County real estate attorney you want on your side when you face a property dispute. Contact him today to set up a consultation to discuss your property concerns.