Estate Planning

Have you given any thought to your assets that you will leave behind when you pass away? While most people do not want to consider their future death, the fact is that lack of planning could leave your beneficiaries without a clear plan, creating unnecessary heartache and drama during an already emotionally-charged time.

Without an estate plan in place, your assets will be at the mercy of the court, and your family could be left with fighting and division. Attorney Attorney Mike Liebert is a Pierce County Estate Planning Attorney who is ready to assist you with creating a legal estate plan that will ensure that your estate is divided as you wish it to be.

The Need for a Clear Estate Plan

Your estate plan tells those you leave behind how you intend to have your assets divided. No matter what stage of life you are in and how many assets you have, you need a clear plan for after you are gone. From determining who will get custody of your children to deciding how your wealth will be distributed, and ensuring that too much is not lost to taxes, an estate plan is essential.

Compassionate Services from a Silverdale Estate Planning Attorney

When you contact the Law Firm of J. Michael Liebert PLLC, you will have the chance to work with a compassionate Silverdale estate planning attorney. Attorney Mike Liebert understands that talking about end-of-life plans is not easy for most people. He will walk you through the process, help you think about your final plans and ensure that your wishes are clearly stated and carried out.

With his help, you can set up an estate plan that will help your loved ones avoid the struggles of probate court, avoid the tax monster and ensure that everything you have worked hard for is protected for those you love most.

Contact Attorney Mike Liebert, Your Pierce County Estate Planning Attorney

Offering experienced legal counsel since 1978, Attorney Mike Liebert is well-versed in all matters of estate planning. If you want to ensure that your estate is properly protected, contact him for a free initial consultation. With his help, you can craft an estate plan that will ensure your wishes are carried out after you are gone, saving your family from the grief that a poorly-planned estate creates.