Commercial & Residential Leases

Representing both landlords and tenants in the drafting, negotiation and enforcing of commercial and residential leases, attorney J. Michael Liebert PLLC has a deep understanding of the legal and business issues involved on both sides of the equation. His leasing experience encompasses the full spectrum, from the short-term lease of a small office suite to complex agreements for anchor tenants of large shopping centers.  Attorney Mike Liebert understands that there is no one size that fits all when it comes to leases.  He tailors a lease that meets clients’ individual needs.

Kitsap County Lease Attorney: Attorney Mike Liebert

Michael Liebert PLLC has handled all types of residential and commercial leasing matters, including:

  • Defending and prosecuting eviction actions
  • Breach of lease disputes
  • Lease termination and notice of belief of abandonment
  • Wrongful eviction
  • Lease option to purchase agreements
  • Repair of the leased premises
  • Rent disputes
  • Collection of unpaid rent

All around, J. Michael Liebert PLLC provides clients with the comprehensive legal solutions they need in residential and commercial leasing matters.

Residential and Commercial Leases

The primary function of a commercial or residential lease attorney is to help parties understand their rights and responsibilities under the contract. An attorney can help explain security deposits, privacy rights of renters, maintenance repairs and even assist with evictions. Often, disputes arise between tenants and landlords due to misinterpretations of the contract. The goal of the attorney is to draft a lease agreement that all parties can understand. If you’re considering evicting a tenant, keep in mind that there are strict laws guiding the eviction process. And if landlords make an error in handling an eviction, they can face some hefty fines. J. Michael Liebert PLLC will guide you through the whole eviction process to ensure that you are in compliance with state regulations. A commercial or residential lease attorney can also assist clients with remedies for non-payment of rent through collections.

Whether you’re the landlord or tenant, it’s important that your rights are protected in any lease agreement. Turn to attorney Mike Liebert for the best legal advice and representation. He can help draft a lease agreement that is in your best interests or review an existing lease agreement and make changes if needed. All around, he’s there to protect his clients.