About Us

A highly respected Kitsap County attorney, J. Michael Liebert PLLC provides targeted advice and courtroom representation for Silverdale residents dealing with a variety of legal issues. Although the details of these cases vary greatly, Mike Liebert always maintains the same respectful candor and sense of compassion for his clients. He is the perfect advocate to have at your side as you take on Kitsap County’s complicated legal system.

Attorney Mike Liebert’s Practice Areas

A versatile lawyer with an impressive background, Mike Liebert assists clients with a wide array of legal matters. A number of clients approach the Silverdale attorney in hopes of resolving complicated issues related to debt and bankruptcy. He advises these individuals on the most effective approach to their financial situations, and, from there, helps them file for the appropriate type of bankruptcy or pursue the ideal debt restructuring plan. Mike Liebert also works with those in the midst of complicated personal injury cases. He takes great pride in his ability to secure compensation for those who have suffered physically, emotionally and financially due to medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, car accidents and dog bites.

In addition to serving as a bankruptcy and personal injury attorney, Mike Liebert provides targeted legal counsel for clients struggling to make difficult estate planning decisions. He is able to help these clients complete such essential documents as living wills, trusts and advance health care directives. The Kitsap County attorney’s legal knowledge also extends to such areas as business law, guardianship and landlord and tenant disputes.

J. Michael Liebert PLLC: Your Go-To Kitsap County Attorney

If you require legal assistance from a Silverdale attorney with a long history of success, you are encouraged to get in touch with J. Michael Liebert PLLC. One of Kitsap County’s most respected legal representatives, Mike Liebert is passionate about the wellbeing of his clients. He takes time to listen to these individuals’ concerns, from there providing the targeted legal guidance they require. Not only is he capable of building strong attorney-client relationships, Mike Liebert possesses a thorough understanding of the local legal system, as well as the ability to deliver favorable resolutions in a court of law. Whether you wish to file for bankruptcy, complete a living will or obtain compensation for the suffering you have experienced due to another’s negligence, you can count on J. Michael Liebert for the ultimate in legal advice and representation.